What can you do during 10 free minutes on transvestite chat

You know our site already, TS Cams. We always bring you the best ladyboy webcams with the hottest trannies. And most of these cam shows even offer some minutes gratis, like first 10 minutes for free and so on. So not even registration / signup is gratis, but also “free teaser” of online tranny chat of first 10 minutes. But the real question is, what can you actually do during said 10 minutes of tranny chat ?

Well, certainly it all depends on few things. First of all – it depends on any given ladyboy that you will chat with. You could be surprised, but with some trannies you may actually do a lot. There are trannies that come to business in pretty quick way, the others are little slower. Surely, it also depends on HOW you talk with them. Some customers, or men, like us, know how to talk with web cam girls and make them do things little quicker.

Some of us though are pretty newcomers in this field and still don’t know how to talk with “wanna-be” girls, like we may name trannies. We won’t tell you any secrets here, you have to discover them by yourself. After some time, you will of course get to know how to talk with all tranny girls.

That’s the first factor that is important in “what you can do during first 10 gratis minutes of transvestite chat”. And that is – the “tranny factor”.

Geting horny with naughty ladyboys and trannies on live chat session

The other factor is actually, only your will and imagination. We won’t give you any tips here, as we assume that you know how to talk with the girls… even the girls that have dick in their panties. But we may actually give few tips here and suggestions what can you do with any attractive transvestite during web cam chat:

  • Start talking dirty with her about things that you would never have courage to talk directly in real. That includes dirty talk
  • After few minutes of dirty talking make her strip for you and be your hottie, but… don’t let her drop her panties yet.
  • When she will be already only in panties, make her dick hard. Somehow. Make it grow bigger and bigger, just to see how her nipples get hard… just like that sweet surprise that she has over there
  • In our opinion, there is nothing better than a trannie that poses only in her panties that surprisingly look little different than panties of “normal girl”. They are suprisingly stiff, who knows why

  • Enjoy the view of a hot ladyboy just in panties that is ready to do more… And what that would be ? Why wouldn’t you for example ask her for a private masturbation show ?
  • By our estimates, as for now, it’s like 7-8th minute of your 10 gratis minutes of ladyboy chat So you still have 2 minutes more, during which… you may just enjoy watching how she masturbates for you.