Ladyboys & online chat – FAQ

Every day, hundreds if not thousands people visit our site TRANS Cams. They come here cause they know that on our site, they will find what they want – the best trans cams.

Some of our visitors have questions… Since we don’t like that much to repeat ourselves, we decided to prepare this Frequently Asked Questions (faq) about our site and ladyboy (trans) cams.

Who is TRANS ?

TRANS is US ;-), lovers of sex cams with lovely ladyboys and trannies. We prepared this website for the people like us – that love to chat with attractive trannies and ladyboys from all around the world. We list only quality trannie cam models, so don’t worry that you will find here some trans persons not worth your time or money.

Why should we trust your website, when it goes to ts cams ?

As we said above, we like tranny girls by ourselves. We also, from time to time at least, chat with various ladyboys and trannies, cause… we either love it, or we want to test them out and later list on our site.So all transsexual cams that you may see here are of good quality, with good performers, and basically – the cams that we would like to personally join.

What are the usual working hours of the webcam trannies on your website ?

Since the web cam trannies and ladyboys that we list on our site come from many countries (like: USA, UK, Phillipines, Thailand, China, Australia, Colombia, Spain… and many others), they all live in various time zones. Meaning – they are available 24/7. Some of them at least. If some of our cam trannies is offline, you will certainly find another one, that will make your life spicer ;]

How do you select ladyboys and trannies to be listed on your site ?

Our selection process for web cam trannies is quite easy. First of all, they have to be beautiful. We know that the beauty factor is different for everyone, but we try to list trannies and ladyboys that are universally beautiful ;-). That’s the first factor. The other is – is any particular shemale fun to be around with ? We actually think that this is the more important factor than the “beauty” factor. Nobody will like to spend time with a person that is boring or unfriendly. That’s why our web cam trannies, when live and ready for lovely live shows, are always friendly, smiling, caring, wicked and WICKED. Don’t believe us ? Check them our for yourself !

Can I contact some of your cam ladyboys and trannies in real life, not live webcam show?

Maybe yes, maybe not. We don’t know about any of our ts webcam models rules. Some of them, if they will like you, they maybe meet you, while the others will be more strict. It depends on each ladyboy webcam model. You may ask them about it on private show, but there are no guarantees about further real life contacts. Especially if you add to it the fact, that many of our trannies online in exotic countries like Thailand or Phillipines.

What is the cost of minute of private ladyboy / trans webcam show ?

The rates depend on any particular web cam model, but on average it’s around 1 usd/ minute. The more minutes you buy, the more bonuses and discounts you will receive. Also, you may read this page on how to receive free ladyboy chat credits.

What are the requirements to succesfully enjoy your ts webcam shows ?

There are few requirements for that. First of all – good mood, as there is nothing without it. By that we mean – also being naughty and being ready for some naughty fun with our cam trannies. Secondly, you have to decent Internet connection. Basically saying – if you can watch movies on youtube, you may enjoy our trannie webcam shows.

How often do you update your site ?

We update our site daily. With new foxy trannies, as always – carefully selected. Also, from time to time, we post some new cool texts containing useful info about trannies, cams, and so on.

What are your favorite ts web cam girls ?

We have few of them. We won’t tell you exactly which ones, but we may share a secret with you – you may find them among our “recommended” ladyboys and trannies available for chat. See the right sidebar of this site.

Could you tell us more about Asian ladyboys ?

Well, what would you like to know about them ? You may always read our article here. It fully explains everything about asian ladyboys in detail. From various Asian countries.

Do you have any dominating trannies and ladyboys on your cams ?

Of course we have. We think that without fetishes and BDSM our tranny cam website would be incomplete. We have dozens of them, the most popular ones are: KattyCream20 , HarleyLadyTs, PamelaXts. You may also check their profiles by clicking links above.

What is the average age of trannies that you have on your sex cams ?

After some careful research and evaluation ;-), we concluded that the average age of our trannies and ladyboys is between 24 and 26 years old. There are many younger ones, but we also have some older and beautiful models, hence why statistics and data are like this.