How to receive free ladyboy chat credits

One time, when we were in Thailand (guess what – owners of this website love Thailand and its ladyboys, too), somebody told us something funny. Well, it was funny while we heard it, but actually we later realized that it is very true. “No money no honey” were the words, meaning that no bee (in this case – us, men) can get his favorite honey (meaning – girls or trannies) for free. Sadly, that’s not the how the things in life go, and people have to pay for their honey that way or another.

The same thing is with transvestite web cam girls. All these ladyboy and ladyboy cuties perform work, giving amazing show for us, so they expect something in return from us. And that thing in return won’t be of course only our smile of satisfied customers. Nah, they want money.

no money no honey

Luckily, there are some ways to enjoy ts webcam show for free, at least some time of it. First of all, you may register for example on a site like ours, Trans Cams and as a bonus receive 10 minutes gratis ! You will have an amazing opportunity to chat with some alluring trannie or ladyboy, totally free for first 10 minutes. This promotion is valid only for one person and one registration, so don’t try to cheat the system and register multiply nicks to get more free minutes. You will be quickly discovered and banned for life from all ladyboy chat. But from our experience, over 95 % of our users are honest, and this was meant only to these bad apples.

Yeah, so registering an account on our site and receiving 10 minutes gratis is the first way to get some free chat credits on our website. But what are the other ways ? You suspect that they certainly exist, and you are right about it 😉

Well, the other way to receive gratis minutes, believe it or not, is simply stay on the chat with your favorite trannie cam girl. Some of them, if they will actually like you after some time, may reward you with some additional time gratis. Some of them will do it out of good heart, cause they actually like you, the others – well , they may do it but only if you fulfil some tasks that they want. This is mostly with some trans web cam performers that like domination, like for example HarleyLadyTs , XXXBelindaTopXXX, KattyCream20 and few others.

And what would be the other way to receive some free trans chat cam credits ? Well, there is the other way of course, too, and it requires kind of patience. Our site provides many promotions from time to time, and you may catch them. We don’t have any fixed schedule about this, but it appears from time to time. So visit us frequently and maybe you will, at this time, catch that specific promotion with some free trannie chat minutes !