Name / nickname: HarleyLadyTs

Age: 27

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Dick size: BIG

Sexiness factor: 9/10

What she likes: smart men, luxury cars, spending money, being naughty on chat, domination, people open to BDSM fetishes

HarleyLadyTs is one foxy trannie. Actually, we shouldn’t name her as tranny, as she is of caucasian ethnicity.. So yeah, one helluva cute tranny ! As you may read above, she loves rich men, good cars, but on top of all – smart men and quality life. HarleyLadyTs also likes to dominate and she is kind of open to many things in BDSM field. So if you love trannies, and if you love BDSM stuff, then with HarleyLadyTs you will be like in heaven.

Look at these photos of HarleyLadyTs that you may find here. On one of them, you may see her dressed in some alluring glamour clothes, on the other one she is somewhere on the beach, probably enjoying some cool holiday. Because HarleyLadyTs is just like this… She loves to get spoiled, she loves to live luxury lifestyle and probably she would just love to find some one rich daddy that would spoil her forever. She could do a lot of things to him, maybe even put his cock into chastity and laugh, as he pays her to get teased and the only thing that he will get are blue balls… Don’t worry though. HarleyLadyTs is not that inhuman and cruel, after all she is just sensual and sensual tranny. So maybe it won’t be that bad…

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